How This "New Carb" Can Help You Burn Fat

By now, most everyone believes that carbs cause weight gain.

And while there's definitely some truth to that (especially if you go overboard) it's not always the case. Nevertheless, this conventional wisdom has made us fear carbs. And so, we avoid them in hopes of keeping the pounds off.

Which is why you may be surprised to discover that there's a "new carb" that actually helps you burn fat. It's called resistant starch (RS) and, thanks to its apparent health benefits, researchers are scrambling to learn more about it.

But what exactly is it?

In short, it’s a type of carb that resists digestion (hence, the name). By doing so, it travels to your colon intact. Once there, it acts as a food source for your gut bacteria1.

These beneficial bugs (or probiotics) feast on this starch producing butyrate. The latter helps your colon stay healthy2. Additionally, it has been shown to decrease inflammation and even increase metabolism. In fact, a recent study demonstrated that test subjects who got about 5% of their carbs from resistant starch increased fat burn by approximately 25%3.

And here's some more good news: RS doesn't spike your insulin or blood sugar after eating it4. Furthermore, it doesn't add to your daily calories – at least not by a significant amount.

The best part?

There's a neat trick to incorporate this carb into your diet by modifying those tasty – yet "fattening" – foods such as pasta, rice, and potatoes. Here's the scoop...

Sri Lankan researchers recently discovered that you can decrease the calorie content of white rice by a whopping 50%5. And without changing its taste! All you have to do is cook it with a bit of oil and let it cool in your fridge overnight. Doing so increases its resistant starch content substantially.

The bottom line?

You consume fewer calories, while at the same time, your gut bacteria get fed. This is critical as these little bugs play a big role in keeping you lean and healthy.

Now, this trick isn't limited to rice. You can do it with pasta, potatoes, and other high-carb foods. Just cook, cool, and eat!

Not a bad way to shed some pounds, right? It also goes to show that conventional wisdom is not always right. And carbs = weight gain is a perfect example of this.

On the same token, just like carbs are believed to cause weight gain, there are certain foods that most people think are healthy and should be eaten to shed pounds. But that couldn't be further from the truth. In fact, did you know that those certain "health foods" are actually junk food in disguise... and when you eat them they cause you to gain weight.

5 of the most fattening foods are revealed on the next page. So, if you have trouble keeping weight off (or are gaining some each year) make sure you're not eating these on a regular basis.




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